Registration LUSV Members

The price for each LUSV member is €45,- , you get €17,50 back if you fulfill your duties correctly. The payments have to be made before 10-02-2020. Otherwise we will cancel your registration, while you still have to pay and another team on the waiting list will take your place.

It is possible to cancel your registration without any costs until 07-02-2020. If you cancel after this date for any reason (incl. injuries), you will have to pay a fixed price of €25. 

Please transfer the money as soon as you have your confirmation to the following bank account:

Account number: NL 21 RABO 0345135474
In the name of: LUSV Basketball
Description for player payment: IT2020 player payment “your_name_here” + “your_team_name_here”


Since you are receiving a discount as a LUSV member, we expect you to be active in one of the committees listed below. If you do not fulfill your committee related duties, you will have to pay the full price, we will be strict when it comes to being on time and about the attendance.

Bar committee In the bar committee you will do some shifts in the bar and/or the kitchen. Shifts in the bar committee will be at night (from 22:00 to 4:00), so if you are planning on sleeping at home or going to another party, this committee might not be the one for you! It just might happen that you have the last shift.

Creative committee This committee concerns itself with making props and the decor for the tournament. Beware of the fact this committee will have to meet up a few times before the IT starts and also you will need to be there in the afternoon on Friday, there is a lot of work to do!

Food committee The food committee is responsible for organizing breakfast, lunch and dinner . You will get breakfast ready in the morning and help clean up. Same thing goes for lunch. It is also your job to restock. Each member will get shifts when (s)he was to work.

Omelette committee They will be in the kitchen in the morning making eggs.

Photography committee This committee will be taking photographs of the games and the party’s during the IT.

Night watch The night’s watch will keeps a watchful eye during the night. They make sure the sleeping hall is quiet and they send people to the party when they are noisy or drinking their own booze. (Bringing your own alcohol is not allowed).

Cleaning committee The cleaning committee makes sure that the USC does not get too messy during the tournament. Your duties will involve cleaning spills & rubbish, changing garbage bags, cleaning toilets etc. At the end of the tournament (Sunday afternoon) you are expected to stay a little while and help clean up the last bits and pieces. When we need something to be cleaned we have the right to ask you to do this.

Heavy lifters The heavy lifters are expected around 13:00 on Friday. They will help lift the groceries and other materials. The will also need to help clean up after the tournament. When we need something to be lifted we have the right to ask you to do this.

Match Committee You make sure the right results are processed. You pick up the results and fill in forms so you know who wins the tournament. You also have to provide empty result-forms. A new task for this committee this year: you have to check if the refs and scorers are present so the next game can start!

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